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About Us

Our Story

From humble beginnings buying and reselling vintage Danish furniture to designing and manufacturing their line, the founders of White on White Furniture Karazona and Veerle Cinar have aimed to bring fine furniture design to the average home since 1999.

The Beginning

It all started when Karazona Cinar, a Robin Hood of vintage furniture, was offered to sell his dining room table in 1997 he had acquired at the Salvation Army. It’s sparked the idea. He later started to restore vintage furniture he found on the side of the roads/ thrifting and reselling.

The discovery brought Veerle and Karazona to Denmark, where they regularly traveled to buy truck-full of chairs, credenzas and other furniture products and imported them to the US.

White On White New York

In 1999, the store moved to White Street and the pair began manufacturing their versions of classical pieces created by famous mid-century modern designers.

We need to give a little bit of scenery opening and explain why White on White even existed. The market back then was widely dominated by furniture boutiques selling affordable for elites only furniture from Europe.

Karazona and Veerle Cinar wanted to bring the design to the general public at the lowest possible price.

In 2001 Karazona created his first furniture version of Frankenstein, a mid-century modern cabinet with walnuts fronts and brass hardware, he sourced from a vintage piece. The cabinet was a perfect blend of fine taste and modern functionality. This is exactly what his customers needed.

With the help of globalization and technologies, they were able to build their dream. This is how White on White Furniture on White street was opened by two people driven by one single idea.

Our Mission

"Nothing is a design until ordinary people use it" - Oscar Niemeyer.

Many furniture masterpieces lonely stay in showrooms never serving its true purpose. We believe that everybody should be able to enjoy and afford aesthetic furniture in their everyday life.

We founded White On White New York on White Street of Tribeca in Manhattan with an important mission to bring home furnishing to all peoples' houses and offices of all.

White On White New York Today

Today White On White New York offers a wide range of Mid-Century Modern (MCM) pieces, lighting and home accents that enhance both high-end and budget-friendly spaces.

Following our mission of creating accessible and affordable products, Karazona and Veerle have proudly helped in adding timeless designs to the home of thousands.