Texas Dining Table, Glass Top with Brass Base

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The Texas Brass Dining Table is a perfect marriage between ultra-modern design and premier craftsmanship. It’s abstract brass base and rounded glass tabletop give an elevated look to any dining area while still proving functional. The tempered glass top is sturdy and spacious, perfect for family meals or other gatherings. The curvilinear base is crafted from hand-forged brass, featuring a Japanese Patina finish. The Texas Brass Dining Table acts as a functional work of art and fits seamlessly into any contemporary home.


  • Hand-made and hand-forged brass.
  • Japanese patina finish details.
  • Trade benefits are available.

DIMENSIONS: (Width x Depth x Height)
  • 88x42x0.5 in (Glass Top)
  • 58x25x27.5 in (Brass Base)
  • 88x42x28 in (Overall)

  • 298 lbs (Overall)

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