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Host Cedar Tree Stump

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  • Description
  • The Host Cedar Tree Stump is a unique, decorative piece that is perfect for bringing a touch of nature into your home. The cedar stump is completely organic, so each piece comes in different shapes and sizes. The stump can be used as a side table or a low stool and adds the perfect amount of rustic charm to your home. Set it alongside your armchair as a place to hold your book or drink or place it by the fireplace to complete the country cabin feel. This natural cedar tree stump makes the perfect addition to your home décor by bringing a bit of the outdoors into your living space.

    An organically shaped cedarwood tree stump. Such a Cedarwood stump can be used as a side table or a low stool. The wood stool is available in various sizes and shapes.

    Materials: Cedarwood Literature reference: Cedar